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Episode 1703 – Coming To America

The infamous Sleezy D, David himself joins us for this hilarious episode. We talk about Australia, traveling, and the small city of Anderson. Matt and I reminisce on some adolescent rebellion and bad decisions of our childhood. The Akinator show down and some earbud choices.

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Episode 1702 – The Lost Phone

The show has been on a Hiatus due to spending time with family. We should be back on schedule soon. Matt and I decided to record a Patreon episode before going to pick up David from the airport. After doing the Patreon we put together a quick show for the All-Access feed. Matt tells a story about a wild drunken night of bad judgment and losing his phone. I had a strange customer at work that was possibly a risk to my safety.


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Ten Years Strong

ECN Radio is going on ten years! Comedy Talk Radio covering the landscape of movies, comics, TV and music. You could hear us talk about anything from Saga to Minor Threat!






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