Film Flams – Scream

A slasher movie obsessed killer is on the lose killing his victims based on the Hollywood rules of horror movies.

I went into this film flam feeling a little ‘meh’ about the cult classic but found that Scream may be a predacessor to movies like Cabin In The Woods. As often happens my impression of the movie was raised during the process of film flams.

Film Flams – Halloween

A killer is on the loose Halloween night, pursued by a psychiatric specialist who believes that Michael could be the embodiment of pure evil.

The movie that set the rules for all slashers that follow. David is a huge fan of the 1978 horror classic and the crew discusses the movie and the franchise of Michael Myers.

dranks on a plane

This week we’re joined by Kyla who was one of the original cast of ECN.

Way back in 2009 I asked all of my friends if they wanted to start a podcast. Kyla and Matt were the only people I could convince. After several seasons of doing the show Kyla left to do literaly anything else but still returns from time to time just to remind everyone who the ECN queen really is.

Film Flams – The Monster Squad

A group of typical, totally not unrealistic Americana, kids set out to find a virgin to stop evil.

This was my favorite movie as a child and I assumed that watching 20+ years later would lead me to cringe. I was pleasantly surprised as this movie really holds up in a big way. Goonies, who?

Film Flams – Cabin in the woods

Comically typical horror movie teen group vacation at a cabin in the woods, where they find a mysterious underbelly of horror.

This is the perfect open to the October movie-thon! On the face Cabin In The Woods is a masterpiece of horror genre satire but also finds a way to comment on the movie industry as a whole.

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