Film Flams – Mad Max: Fury Road

If you don’t normally listen to the film flam episodes, I really think you should consider this one.  Fury Road is a bit of a sleeper great movie, while critically acclaimed it wasn’t as profitable as you may think.  Personally I originally saw the movie thinking it was going to be a dumb action flick (which are still great for different reasons) turns out it’s perfectly balanced movie that never lulls.

The Invincible Cloververse – Episode 2003

JJ verse Star Trek or Cloverfield / Going to fancy places dressed in all black and death metal shirt / Comics being sold at Walmart / Diamond setting up at Gamestop with new comics. / New Star Trek shows and announcements / Saturn Awards / Invincible animated series at amazon / Converge surprise release / Street Dogs – The Round Up / Goliath / Luke Cage Season 2

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Film Flams – They Live

An awesome movie that spans horror, sci-fi, and political satire. This movie may be 20 years ahead of it’s time. Listen to David, Bo and special guest Kyle discuss the amazing back story and iconic scenes of 1988’s They Live.

Episode 2001 – The search for Cobra Kai

Tom Morello / Colm Meaney / René Murat Auberjonois / Anthony T. Montgomery / Zachary John Quinto / Final episode of TOS aired yesterday (June 3rd) 1969 / Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan released June 4 1982! / Star Trek: The Search for Spock released June 1 1984 / CBS Sues Paramount/Viacom over Nicholas Meyer CBS Star Trek “TV Trilogy” / Andrew Lincoln leaving TWD S9 / Red Dwarf series confirmed / Arrested Development Season 5 / The Gifted / Cobra Kai / Fiddlehead – Poem You / Lorde – Green Light / Frank Turner 

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