Film Flams – The Craft

There’s a new girl in town and she’s struck the interest of three outcast practicing witches.

This week we’re joined by Silhouette d’amour who picked the movie The Craft. What I remember about this movies is; SNAKES! SNAKES! FU@#ING SNAKES!! But in addition to that it’s a movie about teenage self identity and finding yourself as a teenager moving into adulthood (all characters played by adults) and sometimes you must be careful what you wish for.


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Film Flams – Mad Max: Fury Road

If you don’t normally listen to the film flam episodes, I really think you should consider this one.  Fury Road is a bit of a sleeper great movie, while critically acclaimed it wasn’t as profitable as you may think.  Personally I originally saw the movie thinking it was going to be a dumb action flick (which are still great for different reasons) turns out it’s perfectly balanced movie that never lulls.

The Invincible Cloververse – Episode 2003

JJ verse Star Trek or Cloverfield / Going to fancy places dressed in all black and death metal shirt / Comics being sold at Walmart / Diamond setting up at Gamestop with new comics. / New Star Trek shows and announcements / Saturn Awards / Invincible animated series at amazon / Converge surprise release / Street Dogs – The Round Up / Goliath / Luke Cage Season 2

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