Episode 2001 – The search for Cobra Kai

Tom Morello / Colm Meaney / René Murat Auberjonois / Anthony T. Montgomery / Zachary John Quinto / Final episode of TOS aired yesterday (June 3rd) 1969 / Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan released June 4 1982! / Star Trek: The Search for Spock released June 1 1984 / CBS Sues Paramount/Viacom over Nicholas Meyer CBS Star Trek “TV Trilogy” / Andrew Lincoln leaving TWD S9 / Red Dwarf series confirmed / Arrested Development Season 5 / The Gifted / Cobra Kai / Fiddlehead – Poem You / Lorde – Green Light / Frank Turner 

Film Flams – Birdman

Does Riggan have speacial powers? Probably not, But I’m pretty sure Michael Keaton does. This movie showcases Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Edward Norton and many others. Possibly the most intentional casting for a movie covering art, self doubt, self identity, and celebrity. A deconstruction balanced in dark comedy. Listen along as David and I watch one of my favorite and one of David’s most “meh” movies of all time.

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Film Flams – Xanadu

Xanadu is a 1980 musical in which an artist needs inspiration to run a night club, I guess. To follow his dreams of being an artist by not painting a single painting the entire movie. Oh, but there is street art that comes to life and somehow helps… Xanadu.

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