Untitled Trek – Choose Your Pain


  1. Stardate 6633.43
  2. This day in Star Trek History.
    1. 1978 – The fiftieth day of filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    2. 1989 – “Who Watches The Watchers” airs
    3. 2013 – IDW Publishing releases issue #1 of Star Trek: Khan
  1. News.
    1. New Discovery novel is set to show a different person’s perspective on a tragic event from Kirk’s past. I’m thinking it’s about the Farragut crew getting killed.
  1. This week’s Discovery Episode.
    1. Episode title. “Choose Your Pain.”
  1. Quote of the week.

The F-bomb heard around the alpha quadrant

“You guys, this is so fucking cool!”- Sylvia Tilly.

  1. Fan Questions and comments
    1. David – Is it possible that Captain Lorca from the Mirror Universe?
    2. Bo – Could Discovery be the beginning of section 31
  1. Moral Implications.
    1. Leaving Harry Mud behind.
  1. Episode recommendations.
    1. Scott – Living Witness – Voyager – Season 4, Episode 23
    2. Bo – Trials and Tribble-ations – DS9 – Season 5, Episode 6
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